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    6. Big Promotion of the year! I just put coupon code promotion that will be limited, once all coupon is used you cannot use it anymore. It's a big promotion and i won't remake a promotion like this for a long time, so profit and enjoy it! Licence Permanent coupon -60%: (67,99€ instead of 169,99€!) Coupon code 60% Off: "Permanent60" Licence Monthly coupon -30%: (6,99€ instead of 9,99€!) Coupon code 30% Off: "Monthly30" LIMITED COUPON STOCK: Licence Permanent coupon: 10 Licence Monthly coupon: 30 Enjoy with EazyCheat!❤️
    7. Dears users, Just for inform you that we accept now a new payment method which is: ETH (Ethereum). You can choose this payment method when you are in the shop for buy a licence. Enjoy with EazyCheat. ❤️
    8. Guide How to buy EazyCheat Premium: Step 1 - Open the shop: Step 2 - Select your licence: Step 3 - Continue & enter your details: Step 4 - Choose your payment method & pay the licence: Step 5 - Now go to the premium section: Step 5 - Go to the download post (At the top) : Step 6 - Download and use the hack : Enjoy with EazyCheat ❤️
    9. Thanks you bro, i have make a lot of effort in this new G6 update for fix all bugs and add a lot of features, i will continue to improve it everytime, enjoy with EazyCheat! 🔥
    10. i love it! im so happy to purchased a perm license! you make a good job. 💞
    11. Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ça fais plaisir! 🔥🔥🔥
    12. Assez sceptique à l'idée de prendre un hack sur WT , j'me suis quand même lancé pour voir ce que ça donner, bah franchement pas déçu , le gars travaille dessus sans arrêt pour amener des nouveautés, tu ne te fait pas pirater en plus de ça , aucun virus rien de chelou sur ton pc en retour, juste tu profites de ton hack et tu kiff sur WT à tout détruire et prendre du fun Je recommande fortement ce hack les gars !
    13. Dears users, A new generation of EazyCheat Premium (G6) as been released! News features added: [+] - No death count [+] - Instant Revive (IceHold) [+] - Instant Walking (Can move instantly when the game start) [+] - Power Master Room [+] - Speed Hack (Fully customizable) [+] - Jump Hack (Fully customizable) [+] - Kick Master of the room (The current master of the room will get kicked when you kill anyone) [+] - Instant Room Start (Can start the game without needed to wait for 3, 2, 1, go!) [+] - Spawn Enemy Base [+] - Teleport Players (Allow to teleport all players to the position you want) [+] - Teleport Players Distance (Allow to customize the distance between you and the players) [+] - 3RD Person view [+] - Return to Base [Hotkey F4] [+] - Allow Prohibited Words (You can use any bad words in chat like [GM], insult or anything you want) [+] - Shoot Anytime (Allow you to shoot all the time even if you loose or the game end) [+] - Freeze Bot [+] - Fly Heigh (Allow you to fly and choose the heigh) [+] - Silent Kill (When you make a kill that will simply don't show any kill, name or stats) [+] - Hit Bone (Same as Always Headshot) [+] - Head Damage (Allow you to fully customs the damage of the Headshot) [+] - Custom Rapid fire (Allow you to fully custom the speed of your bullets) [+] - Damage Multiplier (Allow you to fully custom the damage of your hits) [+] - Healthbar ESP (Totally new design and improved) [+] - Skeleton ESP (Draw a skeleton to the bone of the players) [+] - Box ESP (Totally new design, improved and you can select 2D or 3D Box) [+] - Wolf Changer (Allow you to change your wolf, Ice, Smart, Ghost and more..) [+] - Wolf Attack Distance (Allow you to change the distance of attack with right click) [+] - Infinite Dashing (Allow you to use dashing the dash without stop) [+] - Infinite Wolf Rolls (Allow you to use the roll attack without needed to jump again infinitly you press the right key mouse) News: [+] - WolfTeam Steam Reboot server is now fully supported! [+] - WolfTeam Steam Classic server is now fully supported! [+] - UI as been improved [+] - New loader as been added [+] - <Remember me> function added to the loader (No need to write again your username for connect to the hack) [+] - All bugs and crash reported as been fully fixed Enjoy with EazyCheat ❤️
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