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    1. EazyCheat WolfTeam Free v2.0 (SOFTNYX LS/MNIS/MENA SERVER ONLY) Changelog 05/01/2021: - Added new features & added spammer for support our forum. Features List: - Always Headshot - No Recoil - One Hit Kill - Shoot Through Wall - God Mode - Team Kill - Jump Hack - WolfHunt Powers - Wall Hack - Color Chams - Ghost Chams - Full Bright - Wireframe - No Fog - X-Ray - Crosshair Here is the tutorial for how to use the hack: HOW TO USE If you found any bugs, please create a new post in section "HELP - QUESTIONS". If you want more features, you can buy our premium hack with + 60 features & include real inventory with +500 weapons, and without spammer, Enjoy! vc_redist.x86.exe EazyCheat Free v2.0.exe
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