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    Rules of EazyCheat


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    Rules of EazyCheat

    1 - By registering on our forum, buying our hack and/or joining our Discord Server you agree to all our Terms of Service and not reading them is not a reason for breaking them.

    2 - Dealing with EazyCheat is only done through our Website's Forum or Discord Server through these links: https://discord.gg/Cs9zR9usMU, https://eazycheat.net/forums/ . We're not responsible on any other source. 

    3 - speaking in a bad language or manners with any staff/technical support & others members may result a punishment up to permanent account suspend with no refunds.

    4 - Any type of refund will never be given to any client if the cause it's not by you, for any problem, contact us on our Discord or Forum and we will reply as fast as we can to solve your problem. 

    5 - Any complaint against any user or staff will be handled seriously by our Administrators and will be solved as fast as our team can.

    6 - All users aren't allowed to talk about the Premium Hack in public Discord channels or in public forum threads. (If you don't have the rank premium discord, please send private message to HoolyHacks with proof of payment)

    7 - Not paying your monthly subscription will remove your access to the hack instantly without any notice.

    8 - Permanent licence mean you have a permanent licence of the hack while the hack is available, if one day we stop eazycheat, the licence will stop in same time. The permanent licence is for EazyCheat Premium Only. If we add anothers products like anothers package, hack for another game etc.. the licence will not working for this. Only for the product you have paid for.

    9 - Users must be patient on updates, bug fixes, new features and support time, our team works very hard but they were never robots to get everything done in a short time. Asking and insisting on any of the above may cause a punishment to the user starting from a warning to an account suspension.

    10 - The Administrators of EazyCheat has all the right to suspend any subscription any time without any further notice.

    11 - If you activate any subscription on your account, you will be charged based on the duration of the subscription without any notice.

    12 - It's not allowed to sell your licence, if we catch you then your licence will get permanent ban. (We have many things for verify that, if you are catched don't ask for get your licence back!)

    13 - If you try to crack, stole our work etc, your account & licence will be instantly banned without any notice. All is fully automatic, you are warned..

    14 - You are fully responsible when you choose a product/version. No any refund will be made if you buy another product by mistake

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