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    [Request Moderator/Helper] - teo2k/illie


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    How old are you?

    - I am 17 years old.

    Where are you from?

    - I'm from portugal!

    Which language do you speak?

    - As of now i can speak 4 language's quite fluently.
    Those being (English, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish)

    How you know EazyCheat (Website & Cheat) ?

    - I have found out about EazyCheat from looking up Wolfteam cheat's on youtube.

    How long time you Know EazyCheat ? 

    - I know EazyCheat for about a year or so, it's been quite a while.

    How much time can you spend per day on EazyCheat for help users, manage discord, website etc.. ?

    - I have approximatly 2-2:30 hours of spare time to help the community and those who need help in discord.
    Mostly depends on the time of the day. As i'm still a student.

    Do you have a discord? (It's very important)

    - Yes: illie#1331

    What is your motivation for be a Moderator/Helper for EazyCheat?

    - My main reason of motivation is to learn more about moderation and community management.
    I wish to know all the quirks and tips that this community moderation could teach me.

    Can you tell me a little description of you? (Which game do you play, if you use a hack, what is your real job, what is your hobbies, etc...)

    -i'm still in highschool, sophomore year and i'm doing multimedia, i work w adobe products, 3d and stuff like that. i play wolfteam, sometimes minecraft or roblox. i use eazycheat for wolfteam.)

    How experienced are you in wolfteam and in eazycheat?

    - I have played it previously (5 or so years ago) When I was younger without cheats. 
    But as of now i have been playing it more lately due to having access to your cheat for the past couple weeks.

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