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    [Request Moderator/Helper] - KugiLuki


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    How old am I ?

    I am 23 years old.

    Where do i come from ?

    I come from Austria.

    What languages do I speak?

    My mother language is German but i also speak very good Englisch.

    How do i know EazyCheat ?

    I was looking for wolfteam inventory cheats on the internet, and I came across a lot of free cheats because I unfortunately know from experience that these rarely work and can even lead to a ban in the worst case. After a long search, I found the website. And I m verry happy with it.

    How long have I known EazyCheat ?

    I know EazyCheat since 3-4 Months.

    How much time can I allocate per day for EazyCheat to help Users, manage Discord, website ?

    Usually i can be at discord 2 to 3 hours a day but if i dont have time to sit on the pc i can work with my phone as well (at any time).

    Do i have Discord ?

    Yes of course: ♔♔KugiBugiWugi♔♔#5275

    What is my motivation to be a Moderator/Helper for EazyCheat ?

    I am not professional but I would like to help with the web design and bann user that spam or write unnecessary messages to help the community to fell good at the server.

    My description  of me .

    I play WolfTeam, COD since 2009/2010, Story Games and some more.

    I use the EazyCheat hack since one and a half month and im very comfortable with it.

    I work as a machineworker and producer for biological degradable yarn.

    And my hobby is mostly gaming and i know its not a hobby but chilling with my girlfriend or play together.

    How experienced am i in wolfteam and eazycheat ?

    I am very experienced in wolfteam the game itself not coding or something  like that and started to play wolfteam 2009 until today with some pauses between.

    What i would like to add .

    If you choose me as a moderator/helper i try my best to help you of course and the community and i try to give 100 percent.

    I would be very happy about that thank you beforehand. 🙂

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