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    [Request Moderator/Helper] - UNDOSVK


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    How old are you?

    I'm 22 years old.


    Where are you from?

    I'm from Slovakia.


    Which language do you speak?

    I speak English, Slovak, Czech, Magyar and little bit Poland.


    How you know EazyCheat (Website & Cheat)?

    I found EazyCheat via Youtube, and Spammer on Wolfteam.


    How long time you Know EazyCheat ?

    For now is my second year on EazyCheat (i have old account) 


    How much time can you spend per day on EazyCheat for help users, manage discord, website etc.. ?

    My activity on Discord is 24/7 via phone about 6hours per day. 


    Do you have a discord? (It's very important)

    My discord is : UNDO#4416


    What is your motivation for be a Moderator/Helper for EazyCheat?

    I want to help you in my free time because i have it lot, i have some ideas to better Discord.


    Can you tell me a little description of you? (Which game do you play, if you use a hack, what is your real job, what is your hobbies, etc...)

    I'm playing only Wolfteam (4-6hrs per day) [of course with cheats]. My job is operator in Call Centre. Consequence of operator is spending lot of time on PC, Mobile.


     How experienced are you in wolfteam and in eazycheat?

    I'm playing Wolfteam about 6/7 years active, but i also play it when i have 12. Know lot of bugs, also missing me CPT mods. 


    Would love to be part of the team for long time.


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